Friday, November 1, 2013

Graphite Pencil vs Colored Pencil

   I've come to learn that drawing with graphite and drawing with colored pencil, are two completely different experiences. The shading, the perception, the depth, catching the light, and catching the shadows are all a differing process between the two types of pencil. Using the graphite pencil, the use and aid of an eraser was very necessary in adding detail to my bicycle sketch. An eraser didn't help much while using colored pencil during my candy jar sketch. I blended colors to achieve certain shades, the way I achieved the results I wanted with an eraser while using the graphite pencil on my bicycle sketch. I prefer using color over graphite pencil. My reasoning is simple; color adds liveliness to an image. As an artist, I personally believe liveliness and energy are important in a drawing. Colored pencil brings both energy and liveliness to the table, and that is exactly why I prefer colored over graphite pencil.

A Sweet Lesson With Color

   The candy jar drawing I've completed recently in art class has left me to conclude that drawing with color is a much greater experience for me, than sketching with graphite pencil alone. Sketching with color creates a better visual to the viewer, and adds a better sense of perception to the drawing. Sketching with colors allows blending to become possible. Blending colors is an excellent technique every artist sketching with colored pencil should use. Not only does the ability of the colored pencils to blend to add perception increase the value of the use of colored pencil, but the visual colored pencils gives is a much greater visual than that of a graphite sketch. I learned through this sketch project, that colored pencil opens up a whole new world or art and a whole new sense of perception.