Friday, June 13, 2014

The Experience: September 3rd-June 20th

This blog post I am going to reflect on the experience I've had this year in HTHS Creative Arts Class. I am most grateful for the amazing group of individuals I shared a table with in art, we encouraged each other and always made each other laugh day to day, which is very important. I learned that your environment highly affects your art work ethic. I had one of the most genuine teachers I've ever encountered this year in Creative Arts in all of my years of learning, which provided for an entirely comfortable environment to work in year-round. Mrs.Kiick encouraged me and shoved me toward my potential, it was surely a shove I needed. Mrs.Kiick helped me realize and reach my true art potential, mind you, I've never held an interest in art until this school year! I learned the basics of shading,how to blend successfully,and how to adequately capture the essence and meaning of pieces of art work, but what will always remain with me from Creative Arts Class is to keep on trying. Cliche sounding, I know, but the thought will always remain in my head to keep on trying, even if I don't like the 'work of art' I produced, or situation I have placed myself in- keep on trying. I am so grateful for the experience I had this year in Creative Arts, and I am especially grateful for having had the opportunity of being taught by such an excellent educator like Mrs.Kiick, and having gotten the chn=ance to share my experience with such great people at my table, and in my class.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 In 2034

  It is 2034, and I have discovered a capsule assembled in the year 2014!!!! The box of the time capsule itself is quite the work of art. The colors, and shading, and blending looked magnificent. The inside is what took me on a journey though; a journey throughout 2014. Whew, what a year! I came across an old math test, which this person did earn a 98% on, might I mention. There was a cheerleading bow that I got a kick out of, the owner was a cheerleader, and the bow meant a whole lot to her. There were newspapers as well, and boy was the news contained in the articles something! Missiles being fired from country to country, pop-stars "twerking" at award shows, and stocks bouncing up and down. There was also one item that really revealed to me who the owner of the box was. Her name was Jull Parisi, a woman who battled a number of mental set-backs, diseases, and disorders, along with many hardships throughout her life. I admire this woman because the letter that she had wrote to herself was so intimate and personal, and she certainly must've known that she was addressing herself in the letter, but won't be read by herself. Overall, my findings inside of the box and finding this time capsule itself was touching and learning experience all in one.