Friday, January 24, 2014


    The idea behind the Art X 3 is brilliant! I loved this project, it was much different than any art project I've ever worked on. You get a life lesson out of learning to pick up a new project, or situation,and WORK with it. You're essentially "letting go" of your own work, and accepting another piece. You work with the assets of the piece, and work with the flaws of the piece. The same concept can be executed in real life situations- not just in the world of art. It was a quirky process, but neat to be "starting new" with a piece of work that is in fact not new at all, and already a piece of art work. The challenge of the process was creating a piece that isn't yours, and MAKING it yours. A neat process indeed!
The piece I contributed to last.

The piece I started with.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

POP Printing

I enjoyed the process of creating a pop print. Talk about a fun experience! Carving the easy-cut plate was a unique process and my favorite part. First we carved out the sketch, the next step was applying paint to the pad and pressing onto paper to create a POP print. I chose to sketch the mug. I figured the mug would be simple to depict onto paper, but show neat curves and lines when creating a print. The outline of the mug created a neat looking pop print as I had anticipated! Printing in mass production is a helpful process in the world of art. It helps indicate how many originals there are in existence. We can't say the same is done with the process of printing money! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blue Galore

Portia Munson has a tendency to show her interests in her work, as well. Portia creates themes of color in her collections, proving her passion and interest in color. By doing this, Portia is showing her interest in color, just as we did in our high school art room. In our art class, we have come together to form a class collection. Our theme was the color Blue! I had a lot of fun with this project, because it showed a whole lot about the individuals who make up the HTHS creative arts classes. Each object portrayed a different interest of a student. In my favorite photograph I took of our class collection, there is a great deal of diversity within the collection. We have a beaded theatre mask, showing a student's interest for the art of theatre. Also pictured is the blue bottle of Powerade. This bottle of Powerade shows a student's interest in sports and athletics. There is also a homemade pillow pictured, showing another student's interest in sewing and home economics. The variety in our collection creates not only a beautiful display for the eyes, but also a twisting riddle for the mind to decipher the many interests of the students apart of the HTHS creative arts classes.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Collecting, Collection, Collector

I own a collection. I do not collect your average item though; not fancy quarters nor high fashion magazines. I collect cheerleading bows. I own this collection of cheerleading bows for a couple of reasons. Not only do I find the cheerleading bows personally attractive and glitzy, but I also collect these bows because they all define me. Each and every bow defines me in it's own way, and has it's own story. Each bow is a keepsake of a memory that has stuck with me from when I was wearing that certain cheerleading bow, or upon first receiving the bow. I like remembering how I felt at that specific moment in time when I received or wore that specific bow. Lastly, I collect bows because they show my uniqueness as an individual. At times it will come up in conversation about collecting, and I gladly like to state that I own a collection myself of an object not so prevalent amongst the collector's world. Holding a collecting is a great way to not only express yourself, but a great way to accomplish what you thought wasn't possible. I mean, I own 46 cheerleading bows- who would've ever thought I could accomplish a collection of that depth?!