Friday, January 24, 2014


    The idea behind the Art X 3 is brilliant! I loved this project, it was much different than any art project I've ever worked on. You get a life lesson out of learning to pick up a new project, or situation,and WORK with it. You're essentially "letting go" of your own work, and accepting another piece. You work with the assets of the piece, and work with the flaws of the piece. The same concept can be executed in real life situations- not just in the world of art. It was a quirky process, but neat to be "starting new" with a piece of work that is in fact not new at all, and already a piece of art work. The challenge of the process was creating a piece that isn't yours, and MAKING it yours. A neat process indeed!
The piece I contributed to last.

The piece I started with.

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