Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Once Upon A Time...

This is a story about a princess on her journey to find what we all crave most- love. I am Aurora Annabelle Princeton of Wales, New England. My come up was rough, and not your typical cookie-cutter background of royalty. I had issues I had to over come to reach my goal of love. You must understand, in my household I had no solid foundation of support. This is especially true of my wicked elder sister, Nadine. Nadine is as cold as an Eastern Everest wind. Nadine supported me in none of my endeavors for the entirety of my life, always belittling my accomplishments and shooting down every goal I've ever set. Nadine's hate and anguish only served as a motivation for me to find love. She'd tell me time and time again how ugly my cheek bones were, how large and dismal my eyes were, and how thick I was in my hips. "You'll never find a man" she'd tell me, "with the physical appearance youuu have to offer, you'd be lucky to find love even in a toad." However I did fall in 'love' with a toad of a man, a long time ago, and his name was Andrew. Andrew didn't excel in his looks, but he did hold a heart of gold- or at least that is what I was led to believe. After months with Andrew I thought I had found the one- my love, my one true love. I was proven wrong, and decieved. Andrew had been dating Clara, princess of Aragon as well as myself. I was disgusted and resented Andrew for a very long time, and I even stopped believing in love.  That is, until I came across Josh Edwards. Josh was the most handsome of all the men in the world. I've never seen anyone quite like Josh. His eyes, his hair, his sweet laugh, and gentle touch, I could help but.. Fall in love. This was much different than when I had made myself believe that I fell in love with Andrew. I had unconsciously fallen in love with Josh, and I fell more and more in love with him each and every time we'd lay eyes on eachother. It was Josh's heart, and intelligence that truly won me over. His intellect, his outlook, his kind hearted view on the world- he was perfect for me. Josh eventually did the deed and rescued me from my castle in my sleep, brought me to the Grande Hill of Wales and granted us Princess and Prince of Wales, England. I had finally ended my journey for love and fallen into the arms on my true love, my prince-Josh Owen Edwards. We lived happily ever after.

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