Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Collecting, Collection, Collector

I own a collection. I do not collect your average item though; not fancy quarters nor high fashion magazines. I collect cheerleading bows. I own this collection of cheerleading bows for a couple of reasons. Not only do I find the cheerleading bows personally attractive and glitzy, but I also collect these bows because they all define me. Each and every bow defines me in it's own way, and has it's own story. Each bow is a keepsake of a memory that has stuck with me from when I was wearing that certain cheerleading bow, or upon first receiving the bow. I like remembering how I felt at that specific moment in time when I received or wore that specific bow. Lastly, I collect bows because they show my uniqueness as an individual. At times it will come up in conversation about collecting, and I gladly like to state that I own a collection myself of an object not so prevalent amongst the collector's world. Holding a collecting is a great way to not only express yourself, but a great way to accomplish what you thought wasn't possible. I mean, I own 46 cheerleading bows- who would've ever thought I could accomplish a collection of that depth?!

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